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Drink Driving


The alcohol industry’s involvement in road safety generally—and in combating drink driving specifically—has been extensive and long-running, including company-sponsored activities in many countries. Yet there remains considerable opportunity for enhancing the degree of alignment and partnership among governments, the public health community, and other stakeholders committed to improving road safety.

In the countries identified as a priority for this work, the Drink Driving initiative of Global Actions on Harmful Drinking encompasses:

  • Capacity-building and training, including situation assessments and a multi-action approach to interventions;
  • Implementation of projects at the local level, customized to accommodate regional factors such as levels of development, road conditions, and patterns of consumption and harm; and
  • Monitoring, evaluation and dissemination of tools and process associated with best practices—especially tools designed to amplify impact and replicability.

The targeted countries for the Drink Driving initiative are China, Colombia, Mexico, Nigeria, Russia, and Vietnam. We are working with leading international organizations and experts to assist us in engaging with local road safety stakeholders in the target countries.


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